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2023 Money in Politics Conference

We are please to announce that the Department of Economics at the University of Quebec in Montreal will host the third annual APSA Pre-Conference on Frontiers in Money in Politics Research on Wednesday September 14, 2022. We hope that you will participate in this event.

The call for papers has closed, but if you would like to participate as a discussant or simply attend the conference, please email:


This pre-conference will represent a gathering of scholars interested in research on the relationships between money, influence, and politics. In particular, we welcome submissions that fit into one or more of the following four research topics: campaign finance, lobbying, business influence, and other organized interests. The first two focus on forms of money in politics that have traditionally been the center of scholarly and public attention, while the latter two accommodate studies of the integrated strategies adopted by moneyed interests, including avenues of influence that bypass campaign finance or lobbying (corporate social responsibility, self-regulation, etc.). We would ideally like to feature two papers for each of these four themes, and this pre-conference will provide a unique venue for scholars to receive valuable feedback on their ongoing projects and find inspiration for future research.


We are currently planning for the upcoming pre-conference to be held in-person at the University of Quebec in Montreal. However, we are prepared to switch to an online format if circumstances require, as we did for our previous two pre-conferences in 2020 and 2021. We will notify all participants in advance (as much as is possible) in that case. Because the pre-conference will occur right before the 2022 annual conference for the American Political Science Association, which will be held in Montreal, Quebec we will not provide financial resources for travel and lodging. We will share detailed instructions on the different options available for attendees to travel between the University of Quebec and APSA’s conference sites. The conference organizers will provide lunch and dinner during the pre-conference for participants.


If you are planning to attend, here are some suggested hotels that are near the conference venue:

Money in Politics APSA Pre-Conference Organizing Committee (2022)

  • Michael Barber (Brigham Young University)

  • Arnaud Dellis (University of Quebec in Montreal)

  • Jake Grumbach (University of Washington)

  • Zhao Li (Princeton University)

  • Hye Young You (New York University)

This year’s conference is generously hosted and supported by the Department of Economics at the University of Quebec at Montreal, the Center for the Study of Democratic Citizenship, and the Political Science Department at Brigham Young University.

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