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Corruption in the Global South
Research Consortium


Corruption Talks, the CGS Podcast

Corruption Talks Podcast is a CGS production, the first virtual hub for North America-based social scientist pursuing research related to corruption. This Podcast aims to be a space for intellectual exchange for researchers who would like to discuss their work. and it is available on Spotify, Google Podcast and Amazon Music.

This week's episode we talk to Prof. Marco Garrido about CGS project of socially embedding corruption.



Corruption is widely condemned as an obstacle to economic development and the rule of law in the Global South, with the international community spending billions of dollars annually to address predatory economic practices and abuses of power in governments and markets worldwide. Yet, as a field of research, critical social scientific study of corruption remains fragmented in the US and Canadian universities. The Research Consortium on Corruption in the Global South is the first virtual hub for North America-based social scientist pursuing research broadly related to corruption processes outside Western capitalist democracies. With support from several universities and the American Bar Foundation, CGS provides an institutional platform for intellectual exchange, collaboration and networking. The mission of the consortium is four-fold:


  1. To facilitate collaboration​ among social scientists from different disciplines and theoretical and methodological backgrounds

  2. To increase the visibility and disseminate new social scientific research on corruption in the Global South

  3. To host a depository for quantitative, qualitative, and archival data on relevant topics

  4. To create opportunities for mentorship​ and professionalization


The University of Iowa: Corruption, the Rise of Populism, and the Future of Democracy Symposium
uchicago workshop.png
The University of Chicago: Sociology of Corruption Workshop
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Notre Dame University: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Corruption Workshop
eurol logo.png
McGill University: Politics of Corruption Prosecutions Workshop
Northwestern University: The Islands of Integrity Workshop


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